Custom Dashboards

Until now you learned that Mercury's cloud environment can:

  • execute custom code that specifies data workflows and processing.

  • catchup on all events.

But the party doesn't end here. One of the perks of relying on a WASM machine that isn't scared of memory allocation (we're off-chain, which means that things are much easier to manage and distribute) is the large selection of crates that the Rust ecosystem offers.


One of these awesome crates is charming, which with a very slight change is compatible with Zephyr's execution. Charming allows you to build dashboards with charts that can be plotted without requiring further instructions using Apache ECharts.

That's why we are launching a community charts dashboard very soon in our roadmap, where developers can create and publish charts about their protocols, aggregations of various protocols, etc.

Currently, you can create such charts, but you'll either have to host the front-end that plots them or ask the Mercury team to have your chart featured in the curated charts dashboard.

The existing curated dashboards are:

  • Blend mainnet dashboard

    • allocation across all pools.

    • time series of the supply, collateral, and amount borrowed for each pool and asset.

    • Learn more in the upcoming blog post!

Accessing Data From Other Available Tables

Zephyr works in a way such that public tables that are being live-updated as soon as the ledger closes can be queried from other zephyr programs.

This is incredibly powerful especially for dashboards, in that you will be able to create dashboards relying on data that's already indexed by other programs which might for example have been written by/in collaboration with the creators of the protocols themselves!

Learn more about this at Reading From External Tables.

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