Catchups/Data Backfill

Backfill event-based Zephyr programs with requested events.

It's common in a contracts-centered development workflow to first deploy the contract and make sure things just work vs deploying the indexer first. We understand this crucial requirement and thus have set up a fast and efficient data catchup infrastructure that builds artificial ledger transitions.

You just have to specify the contracts that have emitted events that are pertinent to the execution of your Zephyr program.

1. Subscribe to the contract's events.

Before you can request a catchup with events from a given contract or contract, you must be subscribed to these events first.

The subscription is only required for catchups, not standard execution. Additionally, it doesn't currently mean higher resource usage or higher costs.

2. Call the catchup

To initiate a catchup you can call:

mercury-cli --jwt $MERCURY_JWT --local false --mainnet false catchup --contracts "CONTRACT"

Which will yield a catchup id.

3. Reading catchup status.

To query the catchup status:

curl -X GET

You can see the status of all catchups. This is intentional and not an IDOR.

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