To simulate transactions within zephyr, you can use the env.simulate() function.

As a non-trivial example, you can use as reference this simulation sample in Colorglyph's indexer:

#[derive(Serialize, Deserialize)]
pub struct ColorClient {
    color: u32,
    amount: u32

#[derive(Serialize, Deserialize)]
pub struct ColorMintRequest {
    source: String,
    colors: Vec<ColorClient>,

pub extern "C" fn simulate_color_mint() {
    let env = EnvClient::empty();
    let request: ColorMintRequest = env.read_request_body();

    let function_name = Symbol::new(&env.soroban(), "colors_mine");
    let source_addr = Address::from_string(&SorobanString::from_str(&env.soroban(), &request.source));
    let mut colors = Map::new(&env.soroban());
    for color in request.colors {
        colors.set(color.color, color.amount);

    let resp = env.simulate_contract_call(request.source, CONTRACT_ADDRESS, function_name, vec![&env.soroban(), source_addr.into_val(env.soroban()), colors.into_val(env.soroban()), ().into_val(env.soroban()), ().into_val(env.soroban())]);

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